Monday, November 18, 2013

Inspiring Curvy Australian’s take on Swimwear

Just a few days ago Curvy Sam commented on one of my posts here and I checked out her site here! I had to share her take on plus size swimwear and being curvy at the beach with you. Check out her Aussie Curves post!

Inspiring Swimsuit Pictures and Advice

I am especially fond of her How to Get a Beach Body picture below!

I especially love the many excellent pictures of a confident woman wearing swimwear without the shyness I tend to feel. I find how she shows these styles and what she has to say so encouraging!

Love the way Curvy Sam put the ‘Plus Size’ thing

I think this is the one I understand too: Just below the pictures I have shown above from her article about Aussie Curves, she has:
Regarding “Swim + magazine featuring: true plus size women. You know the ones with the lumps and bumps?”

Now that is real to me.

Is that what most of us expect when we hear or read plus size?

I do not really care, except when it comes to writing about these things, I kind of need to know.
Take for instance;
  • Should I be writing about size 10 swimwear here too?
  • Do I really have to look up what the recent articles written about full figure models mean when they say “straight sizes”? 
  • That said: I am also a bit peeved about the Plus Size, as a size issue. 
  • I figure, if the average American woman is a size 14, (& I kept reading this when I took up researching and writing about plus size swimwear nearly 10 years ago now…), Then why is size 14 not considered to be average? 
  • When I saw that Robyn Lawley, is considered plus sized, I figure have to figure that if you have something to spare, not just skin, bone and muscle / sinew apparently you are considered plus sized…? 
  • I do not mind either way but it helps to know what one is writing about. 
  • It also kind of explained why plenty of plus size swimsuits only come in sizes up to 24W. 
  • Okay, part of me still does not get this…

More to Like about Curvy Sam

Anyway, I really like the photos of her making swimwear on, what I understand to be full figure woman, look great!
Her encouragement to:
  • Get out there with your swimwear on have fun, make great memories rather than miss out on them! 
  • Giving a well done to other ‘Aussie Curves Gals’ who have posted swimwear photos of themselves! 
 Curvy Sam’s blog, and, (I think this is her), Pinterest page shows us great fashions and style like the swimwear we find her in, with great color, poise and making it look fun to wear too!



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