Wednesday, October 30, 2013

New + Favorite Delta Burke Swimwear Up to 40% Off

If you have always wanted to try Delta Burke Swimwear, but find it a bit pricey, now it the time to enjoy their styles at up to 40% Off at S4A! These sale styles include tried, and highly rated swimdresses and one piece bathing suits as well as newer swimsuits!

The prices on the following styles are what I found using the 10% Off + Free Shipping text link to your right today. 1st it gives you the code for that. When you click on Shop Now, its new page tells you 15% off site wide Select Styles up to 40% Off!

a Look at Some New Delta Burke Styles

You can click on the picture of this swimdress on our Delta Burke page these days and it will take you to it at Always for Me, for $81.75, (down from $109). There you can check out its 3 current four and five star reviews!

This style only has one, (5 Star!), review at S4A, but if you click on its picture below today, you will find it there in sizes 16 - 24 for $58.65!
 Delta Burke Bayside Empire Plus Size Swimdress

This Moon Flower Princess Seamed Swimdress is already down to sizes 24, 30, 32 and 34. It is also down to $48.30 from $89! Delta Burke Moonflower Princess Seam Swimdress
This graphic tank suit is available in sizes 16 to 24 and on sale for $58.65. Delta Burke Princess of Tides Plus Size V Neck Tank Swimsuit
This skirtini is down to $48.30 from $109 and still available in sizes 16 – 24! Delta Burke Sea Glass Plus Size Skirtini
It has fully adjustable straps! These are just a few of the many new, yet on sale, Delta Burke styles you can find now at S4A!

Some Current Sale Delta Burke Styles

This is one of the many swimdresses, and of the several in this cut on sale currently at S4A. This one is the least expensive and it has excellent reviews.

This is just a picture of Delta Burke’s Lush Tie-Front Swimdress, which you will find, today, for $29.98, but down to sizes 32 and 34 at S4A.

They have other swimdresses of the same cut, down to $34.98, both tie front and cross front, mostly, if not all, in the 28 to 34 size range!

Delta Burke’s Pink Kimono Skirtini is also available in its blue color, both are currently $34.98, but this yellow and pink one is available in sizes 12, 14, 20 and 22. The blue version is down to sizes 12 + 14…
Delta Burke Pink Kokimo Skirtini

Rather than wait for more sizes to go out of stock I will post this now, before something else comes up to prevent me from posting it at all.

I believe most of these discounts, apart from the 10% off with Free Shipping one, end at the end of the month.

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