Thursday, November 2, 2017

Where Did Delta Burke Plus Size Swimwear Go?

It has been a while since I found Delta Burke at places that I usually browse plus size swimwear. Swimsuits for All, Always for Me used to carry it…

I have no idea what happened to Delta Burke Swimwear, but I kept looking. I checked out Delta Burke at Amazon and Laraines, both seem to have Delta Burke, in limited sizes, mostly pretty good prices…

Most of us are familiar with Amazon. I am not at all familiar with Laraines

I do shop bras, new with tags, at buy it now prices and did find

Currently 58 New Delta Burke Plus Size Swimwear

Using this Brand New Delta Burke Plus Size Swimsuits with Buy it Now Prices at eBay stores link I found both tankini tops, bottoms and whole swimsuits in prices ranging from $15 to $55, or more, but mostly in that range, in various prices.
That link is set to take us to Buy it Now prices. It could be there are more you could bid on as well.

Here are some examples of what I found this morning using this link:

I found you can just type a size in to the search bar after Delta Burke plus size Swimsuits to speed a search.
I added size 22W and it showed 9 starting at $19.40!

This is a picture of the Batik Beat Shirred Mio swimsuit, available in sizes 20W, 22W and 24W for $49.99 from a Top Rated Plus Seller!

This is a picture of a Delta Burke Tankini Top by a different Top Rated Plus Seller. This swim top is just $14.98, but it’s down to size 20W.

This seller does provide free shipping. The above mentioned on ships for $2.95 in the US.

The seller of the above tankini top also has Delta Burke swim shorts for the same price in size 18W.

This is a picture of Delta Burke’s Sea Glass Skirtini from yet another eBay seller. This is available in size 22W for $54.99. Not bad considering it was $109…

All of these are brand new or New with Tags, (NWT) and available at Buy it Now, rather than bid prices at eBay stores.

This is just a small sampling of the current 58 Delta Burke Swimwear styles there.
It is always a good idea to shop highly rated sellers when shopping eBay stores.
I never had a problem with any of my purchases from eBay sellers.



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