Friday, December 11, 2015

10% to 15% Off up to 40D and 24W Swimwear by Profile

Profile is Gottex’s swimwear collection for women of all ages. Its emphasis is on design and fit. This is likely why we can find swimwear in by Profile in sizes ranges such as 32D to 40D, (underwire styles), 16W to 24W and 6D to 16D. Perhaps there is more, but these are just the size ranges I found looking at Profile swimwear at Bigger Bras today.

I also noticed that they have a 10% Off code, (on the left above these swimwear styles), and 15% Off discount codes, (left, but under the styles), that Does Not Exclude Profile!

While these discount codes expire on 12/14, they tend to be offered quite often, (as in usually available), at Bigger Bras!

Here is a look at some of these swimwear styles at Bigger Bras in sizes up to 40D and 24W in Profile’s

Tutti Frutti Swimwear Collection

These styles come in a small variety of beautiful solid colors. If you click on their pictures you will find more details about each, and more, at Bigger Bras. This Tutti Frutti twist front bandeau one piece provides soft cups, adjustable / removable straps and tummy control. It is currently available in sizes 16W to 24W.

It is also available in pink and black solid color versions. 

This shirred bandini underwire tankini top also provides foam cups and adjustable straps.
This style and all the following underwire ones in this post, are available in sizes 32D to 40D. This one comes in solid pink as well.


This twist-front fly-away underwire tankini top is available in the same sizes and has molded cups and adjustable / removable straps.

 It is also available in solid black, navy and medium blue colors. 

Here is the twist front underwire bikini top in this collection.  

It too provides molded cups, and adjustable / removable straps and just one of several underwire bikini tops Bigger Bras has in this size range by Profile!

I plan to show more of these styles currently available at Bigger Bras here soon.

They do have some beautiful print ones as well.

If you need larger than D cup, full figured bra sized, underwire swimwear, Bigger Bras has some Elomi styles. Some of these are on sale, Elomi however is excluded from their discounts...

Just remember the discount codes should you decide to purchase!



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