Monday, November 2, 2015

New Shore Club Tankini Swimwear

Two with Tankini Top sizes up to 26!

Shore Club Swimwear has new tie-front and twist front tankini, skirtini and shortini styles out with their normal sizes 10 to 24 available for all the tops and our choice of sizes 10 to 26 for the tankini and skirtini bottoms, up to size 24 for the skirtini bottoms in these new styles.

Then they have their new

Bloom Flowy Tankini and Shortini swimsuits with Swim Tops in sizes up to 26

Not only a new selection of tankini top sizes available in this line, it looks like a new tankini top style, at least in its relaxed flowing A-line bodice and hem style.

This is also available as a boy shortini. Either way, both the tops and bottoms are available in sizes 10 to 26!

 Shore Club Bloom Flowy Tankini 

This style provides built in soft cup bra bust support with adjustable straps! The boy shortini version’s swim shorts have a 3” inseam.

Shore Club’s Tanzanite Twist-Front and Bombay Tie-Front Swimsuits

This is just a picture of their new Tanzanite twist-front tankini, also available as a slit skirtini and boy short style. If you browse S4A by Shop All, these new styles are on page 2.

These twist-front styles have non-adjustable straps and soft molded cup on a shelf bra bust support.

The Bombay tie-front swimsuit’s tops have built in soft cup support with adjustable straps! Shore Club Bombay Tie Front Tankini 
These two Shore Club swimsuit styles are available in their usual choices of 10 to 14 for the tops, 10 to 24 for the slit skirtini bottoms and 10 to 26 for the shortini and tankini bottoms.

S4A also has a Site Wide 30% Off Discount which include these, and other new swimwear styles!

I assume the tankini tops are available somewhere at S4A currently, but I have not come across them just yet…



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