Saturday, November 8, 2014

Flattering Twist Front Plus Size Swimwear

Many of the best-selling swimwear styles at Always for Me are twist front, often halter bandeau, swimsuits. Many S4A “Best” Tropiculture swimwear are twist front styles. Some of which are halter bandeau versions. Delta Burke and Shore Club swimwear also have twist-front swimsuits and sometimes halter bandeau versions as well. Here is a look at this swimwear style well worth considering!

20% and 25% Off Twist Front Halter Bandeau Tankinis

Always for Me’s print version of this style, on sale at 25% off and still in stock in all sizes 16W to 26W, in its fuchsia / silver foil print below, less so in its green / silver color (currently in stock in sizes 22W and 26W).
 Women's Plus Size Swimwear - Always For Me Chic Prints Kiki Foil 2 Pc Tankini w/ Brief 

This print style above is $66.75. Their Best-selling Isabella solid version of this style was just recently put on sale at 20% off, now $69. These also come in sizes 16W to 26W, in 7 colors! Women's Plus Size Swimwear - Always For Me Chic Solids - Isabella 2 Pc Twist Bandeau Swimsuit 
Both of these plus size tankinis have excellent reviews, well worth reading if you are considering this swimwear style.

Some Shore Club and Delta Burke Twist Front styles

These Shore Club one piece swimsuits have adjustable straps, front ruching and are available in sizes 10 to 24! Shore Club Black Twist Front Plus Size Swimsuit
 This Delta Burke version also comes in solid black and blueberry, (listed separately at S4A). All versions have excellent reviews. All three color versions are on sale currently at $48.30 and come in sizes 12 to 24! Delta Burke Red Plus Size Twist Front Swimsuit

S4A’s Best Tropiculture Twist Front styles

This Phoenix print twist front tankini top is currently on sale, available in sizes 10 to 24, and has great reviews. This is also available in solid black, but it is listed separately at S4A. Tropiculture Phoenix Plus Size Twist Front Tankini Top
Tropiculture’s halter / bandeau swimdress differs other twist front styles in that it gives us a smooth front. This does include power-net tummy control too. These swimdresses are down to sizes 12 and 18 to 24. Tropiculture Eclipse Bandeau/Halter Plus Size Twist Front Swimdress These swimdresses have a 4 star review average out if their current 28 reviews!

I am pretty sure you will find plenty of other twist-front with and without halter / bandeau necklines in by other great plus size swimwear brands as well.

Just check out some of the reviews of the above, especially the plentiful Always for Me solid tankini’s, ones to learn why women love this swimwear style!



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