Wednesday, September 24, 2014

New Beach Belle Swimwear styles

Beach Belle at S4A is always worth checking out when searching for plus size swimwear. Here are some new prints of highly rated swimwear styles! With S4A’s current, Shop new arrivals save up to 30% off sitewide!, and / or numerous discounts, Beach Belle swimsuits and separates are always priced nice!

Most of their swimsuits or separates come in sizes up to 26. Some of the ones I am showing here today’s swim skirts, when purchased as skirtinis, come in sizes up to 34. Also their new Beach Belle Pink Polka Plus Size Tankini Top come in sizes up to 34 too! It is also down to $28.50, using the discount text link!

New Swimwear with up to size 34 Swim Skirts as Skirtinis available

Beach Belle, Shore Club, Aquabelle and other S4A swimwear lines lets us choose the tops and bottom sizes separately when buying two piece styles.

If you need a skirtini with sizes up to 34 swim skirt, you can find these three tankini tops sold as skirtini swimwear whose swim skirts do.

You can click on Beach Belle’s new Blushing Blossom tankini top to go straight to it, but I’d use the text discount link above to go to S4A to get the most for your money! Beach Belle Blushing Blossom Plus Size Blouson Tankini Top
You can also find their new Indigo Isla print (pictured below as a cargo shortini) with up to size 34 skirtini bottoms in new arrivals.

As a pictured below these tops and bottoms come in our choice of sizes 10 to 26 for the tops and 8 to 26 for the bottoms. Beach Belle Indigo Isla Plus Size Flared Cargo Shortini
 The Orchid Bloom tankini below is also available as a skirtini with swim skirts in sizes up to 34! Beach Belle Orchid Bloom Plus Size Flared Tankini

Other New Shortini, Tankini Swimwear

While these New Beach Belle plus size tankini tops are available as two piece tankini, shortini and skirtini styles. This is their Baja Island blouson tankini top. Beach Belle Baja Island Plus Size Blouson Tankini Top
 This is their Tropical Tonal print in this highly rated plus size tankini top style. Beach Belle Blue Coastal Plus Size Blouson Tankini Top
Using the text discount link in this post’s first paragraph there are new tankini tops for $28.50, many for $31.50 and a few for $36. Beach Belle also has new swimdresses in too!



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