Monday, June 23, 2014

Becca Etc. 2014 Swimwear

By now you, like I, have seen many lovely Becca swimwear styles for this summer. Reviews seem to be hard to come by. However, The Curvy Fashionista’s First Look 2014 Becca ect. Plus Size Swimwear Collection post, (check it out here!), gives us her excellent review and stunningly beautiful photos of Becca’s swimsuits and bikini styles!

25% Off 2 Becca Swimsuits

Sadly it appears both of these beautiful swimsuits are likely on sale at One Stop Plus because they are down to size 14 / 16. This pink flounce one is $99 at OSPlus.
You can find them using OSP’s Swimwear banner in the right column and browsing by Designer Swimwear.

If you click on Becca’s Ruffle Flounce below, you can find its excellent review and it available in sizes 14 to 22, for $132 at S4A. Becca Etc Plus Size Tart See It Through Ruffle Flounce Swimsuit
This is the other one OPS has on sale at 25% off, $118.50, down to size 14 / 16…

If you click on this Becca ruffle swimdress’ picture you can find it in sizes 14 to 24, for $158, at S4A! Becca Etc Plus Size Morroco Ruffle Swimdress
This is just a picture of the third Becca ETC swimwear style Swimsuits for All still has in stock, in sizes 14 / 16, for $158. You can find it, browsing S4A by Designers.

About these Swimwear styles

All three of these swimdresses and suits have:
  • tie-halter tops and the one piece has a tie back. 
  • All three also have built in bras with side boning for extra bust support! 
If I find more in better supply
& / or
Better prices
I will post these styles here too.


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