Monday, September 2, 2013

Up to 50% Off New Swimwear Free Shipping and Tote

Swimsuits for All’s 9/2 + 9/3 Deal

Today and tomorrow we can enjoy 50% Off, Free Shipping and get a Free Rosie Tote at S4A, (swimsuits for all)! I have no idea what a Rosie tote is, but totes are handy! You will find a direct link to this deal, and its code, below.

One of Beach Belle’s New Tankini, Just $42 Now

You can get this as just the top, today, $29.40, sizes 10 + 26, with 10 great reviews already! Or click on this tankini’s picture to find it in the same top sizes, and your choice of sizes 10 – 26 for the swim briefs as well! Beach Belle Punaluu Plus Size Blouson Tankini

You will find lots of new swimwear styles, classic, and fresh, black styles and great new prints at S4A now!

S4A’s 9/2 + 9/3 Discount + Free Ship and Tote

This deal ends, likely at the end of, tomorrow. I believe it excludes Clearance styles, which seem, (just a quick glance on my part here), to start at $15 for tankini tops…


This is a great time to shop new and sale styles at S4A. If you like the newer styles you have a shot at getting them at, perhaps, their best prices, when the widest range of sizes are still in stock! Enjoy!


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