Friday, August 16, 2013

Welcome to the New Plus Size Swimwear 4 You

For many years now, since about 2009, I have been publishing and a separate blog;

Today, I am starting a new, simple, hopefully easier to navigate and more informative plus size swimwear blog. I am still calling it Plus Size Swimwear 4 You, but it will be located at

What else is New about this Swimwear Site

Well, first of all, this being a smaller site / blog, it will only cover, in articles, standard full figure swimwear styles.

By this I mean plus size swimsuits that are standing the test of time! I will show new styles, sales and discounts as blog posts.

I Apologize for the Scarce Info Currently Here

Just as I was nearing the time to make the above-mentioned changes, I required a heart surgery.

I am finding recovery slow going.

So, adding the new info about these tried and true women’s plus size swimwear styles will be slow going. Sorry about that.

I would have skipped the heart surgery if I could have. If you can in anyway prevent a need for heart surgery in your own future, I strongly recommend you do so!

For me, it was a genetic problem, so one just has to make the best of things and get on with it.

Much More Later!
Anne Hunter

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